Clan zirija Goran Radovanovic

režiser i scenarista

Born in Belgrade in 1957. Graduated art history from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy in 1982. Between 1977 and 1980 he sojourned in Munich on a scholarship awarded by the Goethe Institute. After his return to Belgrade, he worked as a film critic. Since 1984 he has worked as writer and director of both feature and documentary films. In 2003 he founded his independent production company “Nama Film”.. His films have been distributed all around the world and shown in competition at many major film festivals. They have received more than thirty international awards. He is a member of the European Film Academy, Berlin and Film Artists Association of Serbia.

Goran lives and works in Belgrade as a free-lance.

He has directed, written and produced the following films:

2008 The Ambulance

2005 Chicken Elections

2003 CASTING – A South East Europe Transition Film

2001 OTPOR: The Fight To Save Serbia

2000 Model House

1999 My country – for internal use only

1996 Second Circle

1994 Columba Urbica


1988 Voigtlaender, 1896.

Goran has also written scripts for the feature Oktoberfest, televison play Byzantium 1988 and animation The Cross, the Square, the Circle of Kasimir Malevich

Goran is giving lectures, master classes and workshops at numerous Universities, Filmschools and festivals all around the world

Retrospective of films of Goran Radovanovic took place in Barcelona 2005.and Mexico City 2007.

Goran Radovanovic’s films have been shown in the official programmes of numerous international film festivals (Mannheim, Moscow, Amsterdam, Torino, Tampere, Cracow, Vancouver, Hamburg, Lisbon, Umea, Bombay, Gyoer, Kosice, Potsdam, Trieste, Osnabruck, Prix Italia, Neubrandeburg, Augsburg , New York, Dallas, North Carolina, Kansas City, Geneva, Oberhausen, Jerusalem, Barcelona, Rhode Island, Rome, Seattle, Austin, Toronto, Kassel, Basel, Milan, Samos, Kyoto, Prague, Bochum, Thessalonica, San Antonio, Frankfurt, Zurich, Prague, Voladero, Edmonton, Istanbul, Bratislava, Kyoto, Boston, Durham, NC, Grand Canaries, BAM- Brooklyn, Ibiza, Karlsruhe, Tokyo, Locarno, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Lublin, Huesca, Chicago, Singapore, Modena, Bologna, Sarajevo, Motovun, Sofia, Montecatini Terme, Los Angeles, Madrid, Vienna, Aland -Finland, Kiev, Bucharest, Brussels, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Tui-Spain, Oxford, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Tel Aviv, Alba – Italy, Wiesbaden, Utrecht, Bodrum, Taiwan, Novosibirsk, Mexico City etc).


35. Taiwan International Documentary Festival, PTS Audience Choice Award for

“Chicken Elections”, October 2006

34. 8. AVANCA 2006, Special Mention, Portugal, July 2006

33. Grand Prix for “Chicken Elections, “Flahertiana”, Perm, Russia, 2006

32. The City of Belgrade Award for outstanding film achievement in 2006 for

“Chicken Elections”

31. Audience Award for “Chicken Elections”VERA International Documentary Film

Festival, Aland, Finland, March 2006,

30. Silver Wolf Nomination at IDFA 2005 for “Chicken Elections”, Amsterdam,

November 2005

29. 52nd International Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, April 2005,

Award of Belgrade critics and journalists for “Chicken Elections”

28. 52nd International Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, April 2005,

FIPRESCI AWARD for “Chicken Elections”

27. 52nd International Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, April 2005, Best

National Film for “Chicken Elections”

26. “PLAY DOC” – 1st International Documentary Film Festival, Tui, Spain, March

2005, Grand Prix for CASTING

25. Documenta Madrid, May 2004, the prize for “Best Social Values” for “CASTING”

24.”Sofia International Film Festival, March 2004, THE BITTER CUP AWARD FOR

BEST DOCUMENTARY of the Journalism and Mass Communication Faculty at

the St. Kliment Okhridsky Sofia University for “Casting”

23. Tokyo Video Festival, March 2002, Video Communication Award for “Model


22. Alternative Film Festival, Picciano (PE) Italy, October 2001 – special mention for

“Model House”

21. International Bochumer Video Festival (Germany), May 2001 – the best

video for “Model House”

20. ALTER-NATIVE 8, Romania, November 2000, The Best non-fiction Film

for “My country (for internal use only)”

19. Gava International Environmental Film Festival, Barcelona, October 2000, The Best

Documentary Film for “My country (for internal use only)”

18. “Festival International of Video and Multimedia”, Canaria, Spain, October 2000.

The Best documentary Film for “My country (for internal use only)”

17. The best international film for “My country (for internal use only)” at

“Cinematexas”, Austin, USA, October 2000

16. The best documentary for “My country (for internal use only)”,Seattle Summer

Film and Video Festival, USA, July 2000

15. Special prize for “My country (for internal use only)”, Archipelago – Festival of

Short Films & New Images”, Rome 2000

14. The best film (premio Giampaolo Bernagozzi) for “My country (for internal use

only)” , Montecatini Terme, ItalyJuly 2000

13. The best film for “My country (for internal use only)”,San Antonio,USA, June 2000

12.The best documentary for “My country (for internal use only)”, “Elektrozine”, Ibiza,


11.Special prize for “My country (for internal use only)”, at 16.North-South Media

Festival, Geneve 2000

10.The Best foreign Film for “My country (for internal use only)”, Carolina Film and

Video Festival, 2000

9. National documentary prize for “My country (for internal use only)”, Kansas City

Filmmakers Jubilee, 2000.

8. Special prize for the documentary “Second circle” at the Independent Television

Festival in Kosice (Slovakia

7.Cerificate of merit for “Columba urbica”, Hamburg, 1996

6.Best minority film for “Columba urbica” at Mediawave, Gyoer, 1996

5.Special prize for “Columba urbica” at the VII Documentary Film Festival Malaposta-Lisbon, 1996.

4.The best short film at Cinema Giovani for “Columba urbica”, Torino, 1995.

3.Gold medal of the city of Belgrade as best director for the documentary “Columba urbica” at the Festival of Documentary and Short Metre Film in Belgrade, 1994.

2. First prize for the screenplay of the TV film “Vizantija 1988.” at the Yugoslav

competition organized by Sarajevo TV in 1987.

1. Second prize for the screenplay of the feature film “Oktoberfest” at National Feature

Film Festival in Vrnjacka banja, 1987.