Lecturer Marko Babac


professor, film theorist, a legend

Born in Zemun, 9 March 1935. He finished elementary and secondary school in Belgrade where he graduated the School of Medicine in 1962.

One of the founders of the cinema club “Beograd” in which, since 1951, he successfully dealt with amateur film and he was awarded with a large number of honours and awards in country and abroad. In 1962, he was named for the masters of amateur film in Yugoslavia.

Since 1961 he has been professionally involved in the film as a film editor and director. He has directed three feature films: “Kapi, vode, ratnici” (second story “Mali skver”, 1962), “Grad “ (second story “Srce”, 1963) and “Ko puca, otvoriće mu se “(1965). He wrote scripts for all three films. For film “Kapi, vode, ratnici” he was awarded with special diploma for the best film director at the Yugoslav film festival in Pula. Film “Grad “was court banned for public display (1963), and he was subsequently acquitted of all charges after 27 years.

On 41st Yugoslav festival of documentary and short film (1994), “Triptih o stradanju i molitvi”, was awarded with producers award in the category of documentary video film. Documentary video clips “I Srbin se kinematografiše” and “Srbija u proleće 99’” were directed during the NATO bombing in 1999.
Since 1963. to 1976 he was working on television (TV Beograd , TV Sarajevo) as an independent film reporter-cameraman, director and editor. He edited 13 feature films, directed over 80 short TV films, three short documentary films, two TV dramas and edited about 100 short films (documentaries, feature films, animated films and TV series).

In 1981, he was awarded with the charter of the festival of Yugoslav documentary and short film for the lasting contribution of Yugoslav cinema, for the most important artists in the field of film editing, and in 2003 the festival is attributed by the charter for the contribution of festival, on the occasion of his fiftieth anniversary.
Since 1957, he is actively engaged in developing film culture and popularization of cinema as a speaker at numerous seminars and courses for youth and film teacher. For several years, he is a contributor workers at university “Radivoje Ćirpanov” as a lecturer Novi Sad film school in Novi Sad, Vrbas, Kikinda, Backa Topola, etc.

Since 1966 , he is teaching film editing at the academy for theatre, film, radio and television in Belgrade, and in 1971 he established the new department of film and television editing. He establishes the subject and teaches film editing at the academy of theatre, film, radio, and television in Ljubljana, academy of performing arts in Sarajevo, and the academy of arts in Novi Sad, where he still teaches. On academy of performing arts in Banja Luka (2000) he established TV department (group sales, camera and editing), where by 2002. he teachs editing and assembly motion pictures. At the college of art and design, “Megatrend” university in Belgrade, he establishes the subject and teaches assembly motion pictures since 2008.

Since 1980 he have a position of full professor at the faculty of dramatic arts at university of arts in Belgrade. For the results achieved in the development of teaching at FDU, he was awarded with the silver medal of the university of arts, and in 1998 he was awarded with a golden charter school of dramatic arts in Belgrade for outstanding contribution to the successful development and artistic pedagogy at the faculty of dramatic arts. He received the charter , but he did not retained it because of the political situation at the university and society.

In order to study the pedagogical methods of teaching in colleges and universities, he resided in Poland (Łódź, 1978., and 1988), Czechoslovakia (Prague, 1982.), Soviet Union (Moscow, 1985.), Hungary (Budapest, 1986), the United States (Los Angeles, 1988.), Israel (Tel Aviv, 1988., And Jerusalem, 1990.), Italy (SACI 1999), where he held lectures on the nature of the medium of film and film editing.

For more years he is dealing with the problems of the visual nature of film and creative nature of the medium of film editing.He is the author is eight one-hour films and a few times repeated TV shows about “Visual nature of the film “(1997/8) which represent a unique theoretical and instructional essay on the craft of writing and language arts film.
He is an author of a dozen titles of literature in the field of cinema.
On a 55-Belgrade festival of documentary and short film (2008), he received an award for lifetime achievement.