“DukaFest” winners!

Third international student film festival “DukaFest” has been concluded. After four days of screenings it is time to sum up the impressions and to announce the winners. Jury consisted of Mladen Đorđević, Dejan Zečević, Srđan Vuletić and Saša Hajduković decided to give following notices and awards:

Special notice for excellent performance by the whole ensemble, especially the young actress Eva Frntić, in the movie “Maša” by Nikolina Barić (Croatia).

Special notice for directing for the balanced usage of European and Japanese film sensibility in making of picture of love is awarded to Vesi Vuković (Japan) for the movie “Dead Angle”.

Special notice for a radically experimental presentation of a everyday life is awarded to Saša Peševski (BiH) for the movie “All you can with 11KM”

The best fiction movie award is awarded to Marko Šipka (BiH) for his film “Time”, because of the original defiance of conventional structure of narration in telling of a simple human story, and to Vladimir Tagić (Serbia) and his film “Stevan M. Živković”, for a very complete and humorist view of a alienated bureaucratic machinery.

The best documentary award is awarded to film “King Matjaž” by Milan Urbajs (Slovenia) for his extraordinary study of a life on the margin, a life which denies all patterns of a normal society, and to film “That is our child” by Elma Islamović (BiH), for a bold and uncompromising picturing of the people rejected by society.

The best directing award goes to the film “Thursday” by Nikola Ljuca (Serbia) for his precise and consisted filming signature, great sense of rhythm in portraying of life of urban young people.

Representatives of the general media sponsor, the Radio-Television of Republic of Srpska awarded the best editing. Jury consisted of Siniša Žigić, Sanjin Pocić and Petar Bilbija made the decision that:

The best editing award goes to film “Panic to ridiculous death” by Rubin Stein (Spain) for great expression and dynamic qualities of the film.