DukaFest 2011 has concluded!

Another DukaFest has been concluded. In four days of screenings the audience could see 50 movies from 20 countries, divided into documentary , fiction and experimental programs, on every night of the festival there was also a music program, and the festival also hosted our friends and participants from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. Our jury, consisted of Pjer Žalica, Faruk Lončarević and Marko Šipka decided to award the following movies:

For an original, dynamic, and picturesque portrait of a city and a minimalistic but perfectly precise directing aproach, Turkish director Metin Akdemir has been awarded for the best directing in a documentary “I’ve come and I’m gone”.

Stefan Ivančić

Film which in an unusual, warm way, talks about margin of life, gets us acquainted with a person who’s innocence is so unique, that it becomes a metaphor, that tells us that there is a better world, not the material, consumer world, but a world that exists under a human skin, has been awarded for the best documentary movie, and the movie is “Scrap material” by Serbian director Stefana Ivančić.

Award for the best fiction movie was awarded to the movie “St Matthew Passions” by Russian director Yulia Novicheva. It is an unique and coherent piece that shows, in a very sensual way, the path of thorns that every young artist have to walk to find inspiration, form and everything art is consisted of. It is a small but completely rounded up piece that emphasize that directing is above all making of a whole, and that’s what raises this movie above all other at this year’s DukaFest.

DukaFest team congratulates the awarded directors from our hearts!