DukaFest 2008

DUKAFEST was organized after the early demise of our friend and colleague Duško Dukić “Duka”, a student of Film and television directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (AABL) , a drummer of a band “Guttenberg’s press”, and a employee of Radio-television of Republic of Srpska. Initiative for the fest was made by his friends, also students at Academy of Arts.

“DukaFest 2008″, a joint activity by students of AABL and “VizArt” -  Association for visual culture, was a single day review of student films from the region. Some of the film schools that participated are: Faculty for Drama Arts Belgrade, BK Academy Belgrade, Academy for performing arts Sarajevo and Academy of Arts Banja Luka. Review  was organized in three blocks, and a total number of 40 movies were screened. During that day a fine art exhibit also took place in multiplex “Palas” where the screenings were. In addition, almost everyone that visited the review received a “DukaFest” t-shirt and a DVD of Duka’s last film “Drugog puta nema (There is no other way)”.

There was also an “in memoriam” punk rock marathon in Banja Luka Students Club. Bands that participated are SPIDFRIK, PATRICKS, ISPAD! and GLAZGOV KOLAC

A credo of DukaFest 2008 was “There is no other way” which is also a title of Duka’s last film, it serves us as a guideline that we only deserve and can make a student festival happen if we stick together.