DF2013 Awards!

Dukafest has concluded and here is the jury decision:

Special award goes to the film “The Star” (Slovakia), Andrej Kolencik, for emotions truthfully imprinted into the film.

Special award goes to the film ”There is no return from here” (Serbia), Milan Smiljanic, for courage to search for human beings where others will see only problem.

The best photography award goes to “Feast” (B&H), Simo Iljic, for an authentic expression in depicting a gloomy pastoral.

The best directing award goes to “Last calls” (Israel), Ruthy Pribar, for an original an skillfully executed story about searching for an personal identity.

The best documentary award goest to “Rio 2016″ (Romania), Rotaru Bianca, for persistence in treating the subject of deviation in modern sport aesthetic with pure cinematic expression.

The best fiction award goes to “Rujka” (Serbia), Strahinja Savic, gifted and courageous author deftly sublimates nostalgia, love and warmth in a very compelling film.

More info and photos to follow!