DF2013 Awards!

Dukafest has concluded and here is the jury decision:

Special award goes to the film “The Star” (Slovakia), Andrej Kolencik, for emotions truthfully imprinted into the film.

Special award goes to the film ”There is no return from here” (Serbia), Milan Smiljanic, for courage to search for human beings where others will see only problem.

The best photography award goes to “Feast” (B&H), Simo Iljic, for an authentic expression in depicting a gloomy pastoral.

The best directing award goes to “Last calls” (Israel), Ruthy Pribar, for an original an skillfully executed story about searching for an personal identity.

The best documentary award goest to “Rio 2016″ (Romania), Rotaru Bianca, for persistence in treating the subject of deviation in modern sport aesthetic with pure cinematic expression.

The best fiction award goes to “Rujka” (Serbia), Strahinja Savic, gifted and courageous author deftly sublimates nostalgia, love and warmth in a very compelling film.

More info and photos to follow!

DukaFest 2013

Hello everyone,

we are pleased to announce that this year’s edition of DukaFest will be held between 21st and 24th November. As usual, our audience will be able to see the best student film has to offer in fiction and documentary spheres. Best of those will be awarded with 1000KM (500€) each, as will be the best directing with 500KM (250€) and the best cinematography, for which the award is given by one of our main sponsors this year – Canon, will be awarded with Canon’s XA10 HD professional camcorder.

This year jury will be represented by distinguished regional directors and producers Miroslav Momčilović, Nedžad Begović and Mladen Đukić. Read more about them in our Participants section

So see you during those 4 days in which you’ll be able to enjoy movies and have in mind the Saturday 23rd November, when you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the best of local punk bands in Index student’s club!

More about the program is on the way!

Apply for DukaFest 2013

Apply for DukaFest 2013

DukaFest 2012 in photos

Photos of the festival are in the gallery inside this article!

Saopstenje za medije i javnost

S obzirom na neprijatnu situaciju koja je zadesila grupu Repetitor prilikom njihovog nastupa u DFK klubu u okviru Dukafesta, šesnaestog novembra ove godine, Duško Stanivuk, direktor festivala, u ime DukaFesta izjavljuje:

“Dogovor sa DemoFestKlubom podrazumjevao je korištenje njihovog prostora, binske opreme i usluge obezbjeđenja. Dukafest je festival besplatnog karaktera, što je prilikom pregovaranja sa DFK i navedeno. DFK je naplaćivao ulaz u iznosu od 3 KM, sa čim ja kao direktor festivala nisam bio upoznat niti je to dio dogovora. Ako poslovna politika DFK podrazumjeva naplaćivanje ulaza, za vrijeme Dukafesta isto je i nekorektno i prije svega neprofesionalno. U vezi sa incidentom koji se dogodio, obezbjeđenje je prema dogovoru u nadležnosti DFK. Dukafest je ispoštovao svoje dogovorene obaveze, samim tim bilo kakvo detaljisanje sa naše strane je suvišno.”

U prilog tome navodimo izjavu grupe Repetitor upućenu nama kao organizatorima festivala:

The festival is over

5th international student film festival “DukaFest” has concluded. Awarded are the following films:

Festival program

After some delay it’s official, it’s finally there! DukaFest official program!

See it here!

DF 2012

Apply for DukaFest 2012!

Applications for the 5th edition of the International Student Film Festival “DukaFest”, which will take place from 15th till 18th of November 2012, have been opened. Call for entries is open until 30th of September 2012. Film copies are to be delivered until October 10th latest, via land mail or web upload. Here are the full festival guidelines:

DukaFest 2011 in photos!

Only few of the photos to show what it was like on DukaFest 2011.

DukaFest 2011 has concluded!

Another DukaFest has been concluded. In four days of screenings the audience could see 50 movies from 20 countries, divided into documentary , fiction and experimental programs, on every night of the festival there was also a music program, and the festival also hosted our friends and participants from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. Our jury, consisted of Pjer Žalica, Faruk Lončarević and Marko Šipka decided to award the following movies:

All set, go!

DukaFest is ready!

We have selected what we thought that is the best of applied films, it is now up to our jury to decide which are the best of the best. There are films from all around the world – New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, etc., and of course, our friends form the ex-Yugoslavian countries and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

It won’t be an easy decision, so we put together a good jury consisted of

DukaFest poster & video

That’s it, the final draft of this year’s DukaFest poster, the one that you’ve already seen on our FB page. If you want to see this year’s promo videos, do it below!



Application deadline extended!

There has been a change of the timeframe in which the festival will be held. The festival will begin on 24th of November and finish on 27th. We are doing so because of unavailability of venues. But also, in light of that event, we are pleased to announce that we are extending the application deadline. The new deadline is the 5th of Novemeber.

DukaFest 2011 Applications

Yes, DukaFest is still here!

Although all forms of government and cultural institutions have denied us any kind of financial support, again, thanks to enthusiasm of Banja Luka Art Academy’s young filmmakers – DukaFest 2011 will be held!

With that said, the applications are now open. The rules are as following:

Welcome to the “DukaFest”!

“DukaFest” is and international student film festival and a joint activity between Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (AABL) and Organisation for stimulus and development of culture and art “KROV” Banja Luka, whose members are audio-visual artists of our town, most of them also students of AABL.